School Council

There has been an update to the School Council Executive.  Michelle Proctor has stepped down as co chair.

School Council Executive

Alyssa Vasey – Chair

Sandy Pacey – Treasurer

Liz Flewwelling – Secretary


Mandated by the Ministry of Education, a School Council is a group of parents, school and community members who are committed to working together to support their local school.  School Councils typically deal with agenda items such as the following:

  • development of bylaws and procedures for the school council
  • code of conduct and safety initiatives for students
  • fundraising policy and programs, etc.

A school council also serves as an effective and important communication tool between the parents and the school.  Generally our School Council meetings are held the second or third Wednesday of each month and are open to all parents/guardians and community members whether or not they are voting members of the council.  We invite and encourage all parents and guardians of Meadowlane students to consider joining this hardworking and dedicated group. It’s a great opportunity to become involved at Meadowlane Public School.